The reliability of asset and service information is an inherent challenge for IT organizations because this is dependent on the correct and consistent execution of multiple lifecycle processes, policies, and procedures. Therefore, it’s no surprise that untimely, incomplete, and erroneous asset and service information has become a norm rather than an exception. Clearly this is not acceptable when faced with a "do more with less" environment that requires accurate and trusted decision support.

We resolve these challenges with our unique oversight and reconciliation approach that delivers accurate and trusted actionable intelligence, so that stakeholders can make the right decisions at the right time.

Oversight and Reconciliation Approach IT Audit-Ready Environment
  • We deploy our actionable intelligence framework to provide stakeholders with an auditable tracking of moves, adds, and changes, usage history, and financial makeup; viewed as an organizational roll up or drill-down to any user
  • We apply an iterative process to examine every asset transaction for accuracy as well as compliance with the customer's business rules
  • We construct the actual against expected asset information to identify gaps for reconciliation
  • We capture lifecycle source data in electronic formats from enterprise systems and desktops, and manually from paper documents
  • We aggregate disparate data into a standardized format, normalize identifiers, and categorize attributes into a customer-specific taxonomy
  • We identify the asset flow, chains of custody, and sources of record; including enterprise systems, manual files, and desktop applications
  • We use this blueprint as a guide to spot gaps during our baseline accuracy process